Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quotes from Kids about Childhood Hunger

When hunger is your only friend, you’re pretty lonely.  Rachel B.

Hunger is like math and science: we’re trying to solve it!  Evan C.

A hungry kid’s future is your future. Ricardo R.

We are the United States, we should UNITE against hunger. Ethan F.

All seeds need food to grow; including children.  Claire T.

Reach out to help the hungry and one day they may reach out to help you. Samantha G.

Let’s make hunger past tense.  Evan C.

We are all colors, but hunger is invisible.  Kasey W.

A hungry child’s dream begins with you!  Ricardo R.

Hungry people have a wish, but it's not for a video game or a toy, it's for a simple meal. Hannah S.

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